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Enjoy the beauty of space and observe the positions of the planets!

MPL3D Solar System is a 3D interactive simulation of the close universe in real time.

Explore more than 10,000 mapped objects, including Solar System, +120 known extrasolar worlds, +250 multiple star systems, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and more!

MPL3D Solar System maps out the majority of the close known universe. Stretching beyond our own Solar Sytem, it reaches out to include another 120 extrasolar planets amongst over 10,000 mapped objects in this interactive simulation. Based on scientific data, every planet has been carefully reproduced as a visual representation, alongside the technical details. You can explore our own planets, exoplanets, nebulae, star clusters, several galaxies and even Sagittarius A*, the black hole that exists at the centre of our own galaxy.


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MPL3D Solar System Touch

(Windows 7/Windows 8)

Touch enabled version with spaceship mode, optimized for Intel HD graphics/Ultrabook® platform.

MPL3D Solar System (Touch)

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Download MPL3D Solar System

MPL3D Solar System Quantum

(Windows XP/Vista)

Lite version designed for laptops, netbooks and Intel Atom ® platform.

MPL3D Solar System (Quantum) v1.2 in the Intel AppUp Store

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Download MPL3D Solar System

MPL3D Solar System v1.2

(Windows XP/Vista)

Improved graphics and user options.

Earth & Moon - MPL3D Solar System v1.2

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MPL3D v1.1

MPL3D Solar System v1.1

(Windows XP)

Initial version of MPL3D Solar System.

MPL3D Solar System

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MPL3D Solar System

Download.com: User Rating 5

Download.com: User Rating 5


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Additional public domain images courtesy of NASA.

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