23th January 2017:

Next release of MPL3D Solar System is delayed, as usual.

However please expect it to be worth the wait, as usual too.

Advance has been slow but the goal is not too far away.

Many thanks for your support all along, we'll keep you informed.


18th November 2016:

Next version of MPL3D Solar System is on the way!!

It will bring back the 4k hi-resolution textures and meshes. This means that all solar system planets and moons, along with galaxies, star clusters and nebulae will be able to look much better and with more detail.

Also, two new spaceships will be available to fly, 'Phoenix' and 'Deep Explorer'. You may already seen Phoenix pictures and videos at YouTube, at 'MPL3D Solar System - Travel to Mars' video, and 'Aldebaran low-level flight' at Facebook MPL3D video page, while Deep Explorer, on its side, is a little surprise for all of you.

We hope to be able to release the new version at some point around Christmas, so please stay tuned.

And please share and support!! Thank you very much.


8th September 2016:

MPL3D Solar System (Touch) v1.5 Now available at Cnet's Download dot com:

Get it from CNET Download.com!


15th August 2016:

As promised, please download MPL3D Solar System (Touch) v1.5.


4th July 2016:

Current progress is at 67%, next MPL3D Solar System release is approaching Earth.


20th March 2016:

Back from our trip around the galaxy, please expect a new release of MPL3D Solar System shortly.


16th March 2013:

Two new videos featuring MPL3D Solar System, and the new version appears at the cover of the magazine TGC Newsletter - March 2013:


Our friends from SpaceTheater have produced this video with their awesome electronic music soundtrack:


We have extracted the Earth flyby at the Speed of Light from our previous video, Travel from the Sun to the Earth at the Speed of Light:


The article about MPL3D Solar System (Touch), "Out of this World!", is at the cover of the TGC monthly newsletter:

MPL3D Out of this World

Go to the Newsletter.


24th February 2013:

The Game Creators has released an article about MPL3D Solar System (Touch), "Out of this World!":

MPL3D Out of this World

Go to the article.


27th January 2013:

MPL3D Solar System (Touch) RELEASED!!!

The new version of MPL3D Solar System has arrived!!!

MPL3D Solar System (Touch)

Now including spaceship mode with newtonian physics for space flight!!!

Touch enabled control for simulation and spaceship modes!!!


“MPL3D Solar System (Touch)” includes now touch enabled capabilities and a customizable spaceship mode, allowing the user to flight all around the galaxy with Newtonian physics for the space flight.

Made with DGDK, this is the 5th version of the MPL3D saga, that keeps on with a continuous improvement of the original idea: An astronomy tool for the whole family.

Better textures for celestial bodies and improved graphic effects, including 7 combinations of HDR/Bloom, Heat Haze for stars and spaceship engines, and revised effects for nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.

Touch control adds a new feeling of intuitive, natural handling, bringing a new experience to the final user.

Spaceship mode enhances the entertainment side of the simulation, and even a fabulous 3d asteroids mini-game has been included. Spaceship control mode has all the common options in this type of simulations, which also include joystick and touch control, to allow a better control of the spaceship.

On the spaceship graphics side, seven configurable cameras, dozens of effects and up to eight light sources. The cockpit includes all kind of gauges for the three crew members, like gyroscope, g forces indicator, mission time, and even a 3d radar of the solar system.


Please enjoy this video produced with the new version:

Please note that the spaceships can be configured and customized.

MPL3D Solar System (Touch) release version only includes the Columbus spaceship.

Touch control requires a touch input device.

Optimized for Intel Ultrabook® and Windows 8.

Available only at the Intel AppUp® store.



13th January 2013:

While we wait for the validation of the new version, MPL3D Solar System Touch, here is a creation of our friend First Light Machine:

Fusion Limit

First Light Machine - Fusion Limit

Showing HD 38529, a binary star approximately 128 light-years away in the constellation of Orion.



22th December 2012:

Introducing MPL3D Solar System Touch:

MPL3D Solar System Touch

A Windows 8 touch enabled version of MPL3D Solar System, optimized for Ultrabooks.

Very soon at the Intel AppUp® Store!!!




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